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The siding on your home, much like your roof; protects the structure, insulation and contents inside your home from the elements.   Metal siding (also known as metal cladding) has been a popular choice for residential and commercial projects for decades because of it’s durability, fire-proof qualities and the aesthetics it can offer when properly painted or coated.

Metal siding also offers very low maintenance requirements and often only needs to have a good cleaning every year or two and likely re-coated every 7-10 years depending on the conditions.

CL Campbell Construction is a full service home remodeling contractor based out of Jacksonville, Illinois.  We specialize in metal siding repairs and installations for both residential and commercial applications.  We work with both aluminum siding and steel siding in variety of patterns and styles from wood grain to stone to pre-painted finishes that can last 15-20 years.

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While a great building material there are a few drawbacks to using metal siding.  Steel siding, when not properly coated and especially in areas where it’s in contact with the ground could potentially rust.  It’s critical to make sure your metal siding is properly coated with specialized coatings made just for steel siding.  Aluminum siding also has a tendency to suffer oxidation and this usually appears as a chalky white dust on the surface.  This can easily be repaired by cleaning and then re-coating the surface.

If you need to have metal siding replaced, repaired or installed on your next residential or commercial construction project in the Jacksonville, IL or Springfield, IL areas then give CL Campbell Construction a call today and arrange a time for an estimate.

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